The Team

Elisa Lee – Founder and Guide


Elisa Lee MA, BEd, BSc, BA, has been hanging out with young people for 15 years.  She remembers how BIG it felt menstruating for the first time, and how she had so many questions about growing older, “So, I can have a baby now?? Are these changes in my body normal? Am I normal? What do I do about this crush? What’s highschool going to be like?”  She just felt different than before when she was younger.

Nowadays, Elisa loves being around girls & young women hearing about their lives, their dreams and their fears, and helping them know how incredible and amazingly unique they are. As a school teacher and youth wilderness guide, Elisa practices compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to cultivate empathetic relationships. Elisa shared her childhood with the mighty salmon of northern British Columbia and like them, she migrated far from home.  After completing university degrees in Education, Biology and English Literature in Ontario, she had many adventures living and traveling abroad before feeling the instinctual pull to journey home.  In 2012, Elisa enacted a nature-based rite of passage and was formally initiated as a woman at the age of 31.  This life-changing experience inspired her to complete a Master’s degree in Environmental Education focusing on women’s coming-of-age rites of passage.  She has also done vision quest guide training with The School of Lost Borders, and helped lead youth rites of passage with Rites of Passage Journeys.  Elisa is a lifelong student of conscious communication and personal development, and currently teaches at Fresh Air Learning forest school and facilitates the Self-Care Project.

Daniella Roze – Spring Break Facilitator

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Daniella Roze works as an educator and facilitator, designing and delivering transformative education through nature and place-based learning, leadership training, and ecopsychology.

As a teacher and curriculum design specialist at Fresh Air Learning Elementary, and the founder of Thriving Roots Wilderness School, she is committed to guiding others in recognizing their innate wholeness, fostering self-understanding, and aligning their lives with their deepest values.  Daniella draws from extensive training through School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, The Haven, Wilderness Awareness School, and The Living Wild Project, and holds a diploma in counseling.  With a passion for supporting people on the courageous journey of whole-hearted living, Daniella works toward strengthening community and building resilient culture.

Carmen Ganne – Mother-Daughter Connections


Carmen Ganne
is the founder of Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats and offers group and private connection experiences and breathwork journeys. With a focus on the importance of relationship, to both self and others, she specializes in individuals, moms & daughters, couples and other familial dynamics. She believes connection, allowing yourself to feel and knowing your worth change everything. As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, she’s constantly blown away by the magic and beauty of the world and is wildly passionate about things that spark joy, wonder and connection. Drawing on her background in social work, yoga, breathwork and a deep desire to inspire others to honour and celebrate their own depth and potential, she offers retreats, workshops and private sessions cultivating a deep sense of connectedness, truth and clarity.

 Caralyn Randa – Art Therapist

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Caralyn is a recent graduate of Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. After studying developmental psychology and early learning, she wanted to merge her passion for holistic mental health support with her flair for all things creative. Art therapy was the perfect combination of her social science brain and artist heart! When she’s not working with older adults in long-term care, Caralyn is usually making something sparkly, reading fantasy or sci-fi, or wandering forested paths. She draws most of her artistic inspiration from the natural beauty of the West Coast. Her artistic mediums of choice are watercolour, collage, and metalworking.

Caralyn believes that everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively. Making and sharing art in a group can be a playful way to communicate without words while building community. She loves to see how everyone puts their personality into their pieces and how the same materials can be transformed by different people. After practicums in long-term care, hospice care, and an elementary school, she is super excited to be part of the girls’ Fire & Flower journey by helping bring creative expression to the program!

Samar Shata – Mentor Support


Samar Shata, MCP RCC is a psychotherapist in private practice at Alyson Jones and Associates in West Vancouver. She was a featured speaker at TEDxWomen in 2015, where she spoke of the art of transforming fear into action. Samar leads from her keen sense of understanding and proactivity.  She brings that enthusiasm and belief to her counselling practice, working with people of all ages in different settings to offer them guidance through periods of challenge. She is also a meditation facilitator, dance therapist and the Founder and CEO of Well Institute.

Veronica Berezowsky ​​- Menstruation Coach

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Veronica Berezowsky is a Menstruality coach & educator, dance movement therapist, yoga instructor and co-founder of CUNA Women’s Sanctuary.  She aims to inspire women to embrace their cyclical nature as a way to reconnect with their feminine wisdom and own their authority.  A constant spiritual searcher, Veronica has found the ultimate spiritual practice & gateway to her soul through her own menstrual cycle, and sees it as an amazing tool to generate the change she longs to see in the world.  She offers coaching sessions, womb healings, workshops, lectures & women circles.  Born and raised in Mexico, Veronica has traveled worldwide and lived in 5 countries.  She currently provides trauma informed yoga for victims of violence in Vancouver, and works as a dance therapist within Miscellaneous Productions.  She is deeply grateful to her teachers Alexandra Pope, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Jane Bennett & Miranda Gray.

“Menstruality is a subject that found me, touched me & urged me to share it with as many women as possible on this Earth. I believe it is our gateway not only to heal our bodies/psyches, but also to bring very much needed healing to our whole planet.”

Corinne Underwood – Sexual Health Educator


Corinne Underwood is a Bad-Ass Visionary, pleasure seeker and founder of Choices for Sexual Health.  Her desire to change the world, sexually speaking, started at age 12 with limited sex education and a deep desire to learn as much she could to formulate her own decisions.  She spent endless hours listening to a sex radio show when her parents thought she was sleeping.  Having spent half of her lifetime immersed in higher education, challenging non-inclusive systems and travelling the globe learning about cultural views associated with sex, Corinne is excited to co-create positive change.  Her approach to sexuality is not “one size fits all.”  Rather, it is one that is constantly adapting, like the very nature of sexuality itself.

Corinne is a professionally trained Sexual Health Educator through Options For Sexual Health (OPT) and an Empowerment Coach through Erickson International School of Coaching.  She is also a provincially certified Train-the-Trainer and educated in “Let’s Talk About Touching” through Early Childhood Education.  Corinne brings expertise and dynamic and engaging presentations into homes and classrooms, and is committed to breaking down barriers to sexual education, communication, honesty, acceptance, authenticity and pleasure.  She is changing the world one conversation at time.

Sara Ross – Graffics & Web Stuff

Sara loves Fire and Flower because it builds strength from within a community context, and because it incorporates so many things she believes in: personal healing & transformation, nature connection, and belonging.  She is helping by doing some of what needs to be done to support the program as it takes flight; in this case that looks like building the website and doing promo/graffic support.

Sara is an artist and nature mentor with passion for birds and bikes.  She lives in a collective house, is part of a collective growing plants for dye and ink, and spends most of her day-to-day time with her three year old child.  She also teaches mindfulness to kids, and runs the occasional Nature Program for toddlers. She loves being a part of getting projects started!


We have a beautifully diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, community organizers, counsellors…they’re amazing! And each of them is SO excited to be a mentor for one special participant, as well as be a part of this whole group.

All mentors complete an application process which includes an interview, reference checks and a criminal record check. Mentors also attend a training day with Fire & Flower, and have support from each other and professional volunteer therapists and communication experts throughout the project.