About Fire & Flower

In our fast-paced world, we tend to forget the crucial supports necessary in puberty. My daughter Yatalia is that extremely shy, quiet yet strong minded girl who only wears black. I knew I could not force her into this and was surprised that she said yes. Fire & Flower helped my daughter find more of herself, and assure her transformative identity. Having a mentor, someone other than her mother, was crucial for her growth and development. With the compassion and strength from Fire & Flower, Yatalia is now a mentor herself helping younger Indigenous foster girls witness leadership. I highly recommend this program for any girl, to take the time to witness their own change and support each other.  
Frances Bolton – mother of 2018 participant

​Fire & Flower provided a framework for the girls to discover what it means to be them and what it means to be part of a community. My daughter enjoyed being challenged to own her place in the world with the support of strong, compassionate and authentic women. Fire & Flower is an apt name for a program that allows young women to be who they are with strength, knowledge and support of their community and peers.
Renee Frappier – mother of 2018 participant

I was blown away by the amount of care that went into curating this experience. From art therapy to the retreat to guest speakers, a container was created for the girls to blossom into young women. They came together as shy girls and through the process, allowed one another to come alive in their personalities and leadership. They laughed, helped each other stay accountable and developed deep friendships. There were tender moments, acts of courage and perseverance. When young women are given someone’s time and presence to discover who they are, they unfold into the safety of themselves.
Alla McQueen – mentor for 2018 ROP program

About Elisa – Lead Guide

Elisa is a passionate and skilled guide, able to connect with young people in real, down-to-earth ways, and in ways that challenge and inspire. She is grounded, playful, and carries the vital skill of being able to flow between holding safety and logistics and holding powerful ceremony.
Cameron Withey – Program Director, Rites of Passage Journeys – former employer

Elisa weaves together joy and humility as she guides youth. In the two years that she taught my child, I saw how her generous laughter lightens a challenging activity, and how her respectful and grounding attention helps children move through difficult moments. Elisa ignites children’s curiosity when she speaks and they naturally gravitate towards her to be with her and to share their thoughts and feelings.
Elana Brief – Parent

Elisa is a caring and grounded woman who is adept at guiding children in a way that honours their feelings and embraces their unique gifts. My daughter loved being in her class and always felt supported by her.
Tricia Edgar – Program Director, Fresh Air Learning – parent & former employer