Dear Amazing 12-14 Year Old…

Wanna create deep bonds and friendships with other girls?  Lets explore womanhood together in a fun, safe + exciting way.

What is a rite of passage?  Once upon a time, all cultures had special ceremonies called rites of passage when you moved from one stage in life to another.  Girls your age would have a rite of passage about becoming young women.  You would get to spend time with and learn from other women about being a woman.  All girls would know about this special time their whole childhood and would look forward to it (and be a bit scared at the same time because it’s a big deal growing up!).  You are quickly becoming an awesome young woman and we want to get to know you, explore this change together, and celebrate you…all in a fun, modern way.

In our program you’ll meet other girls your age and form friendships.  It’ll be a space where you can be yourself and share whatever is on your mind.  You can be real and honest.  You can be silly or serious.  With your new friends, you can dance, play games, make art/crafts, do yoga, visit some horses and hang out in the forest.  You’ll also meet some adult women who love hanging out with you, and you’ll get to choose one to spend time with just the two of you.  This woman will be your mentor, someone who will be there especially for you.

Our group will meet in Vancouver a few times in May & June to get ready for our big adventure!  We’ll be going to Vancouver Island for a weekend in July for your rite of passage ceremony.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise so we won’t tell you what we’ll be doing, but it’s going to be really amazing!!

If this all seems weird to you or you’re unsure, that’s totally normal!  We don’t really have these rites of passage nowadays so this idea might be new for you.  Through this letter, we hope you at least know that we care about you and want to be there for you as you become a young woman.  We believe you’re incredible and would love to get to know you and have fun together.  If you have any questions, please email us and we’d be happy to answer them.

Hope we get to meet you soon,

The Fire & Flower Team